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Over the years, Hochberg & Hamar, PLLC, has been instrumental in helping set legal precedents in workers’ compensation law and other injury cases.

Read about some of our cases and some testimonials from people who have been helped through the system by our dedicated team. Contact us to set up your FREE consultation.

Client Testimonial From An Injured Worker

“Bill, Rachel, and the staff worked very diligently on my behalf for several years, and they helped me reach a successful completion of my case. They saved me, pretty much! I'm so grateful for them.” – Bonnie

Client Testimonial From An Injured Football Player

“I injured my knee playing professional football in 2012 for the Arena Football League in Washington. My claim was initially denied by Labor & Industries as the team for which I played claimed to be self-insured. Mr. Hochberg took my case and successfully argued I was covered under Washington workers’ compensation as a Washington state worker. I was able to receive all my time loss benefits, 3 knee surgeries, two years of vocational retraining and a permanent partial disability award. Without the help of Mr. Hochberg and his paralegal Lillian, I would not have received the medical treatment I needed to preserve my knee joint and the ability to find work in a new career.” – P.M.

Client Testimonial From An Injured Worker

“I hired Hochberg & Hamar after an injury in February of 2016, to assist me with my workers compensation claim. I required a total knee replacement and hip surgery due to my work injury. Mr. Hochberg and his paralegal Lillian vigorously litigated my complex claim at the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals when the Department denied both my knee injury and aggravation to my hip as a result of the knee injury. They were successful and I was able to get my medical treatment and time loss benefits through physical recovery. I am doing better today and while I am no longer physically capable of returning to my job of injury, due to my age and work history and with no transferable skills, I opted for a Structured Settlement. Mr. Hochberg negotiated with the Department and obtained a great settlement that will allow me to move forward with the next chapter of my life. Thanks again to all of Hochberg and Hamar staff, especially Lillian, you are on it at all times. What a bunch of professionals. Clients need to be told the truth; truth does matter.” – Brian

Client Testimonial From An Injured Driver

“I have come back to Bill Hochberg and his office several times for my legal needs, and I have always been well taken care of. Bill helped me get a workers’ compensation pension years ago, and when I was in a car crash recently, I knew I had to call his office. From the beginning, Bill and Rachel Hamar and their staff were caring and professional, and they helped me through the process and got a good result on my case. I truly appreciated their hard work and dedication, and I would call them again in a heartbeat.” -C. Anderson

Client Testimonial From An Injured Worker

“I am impressed with Bill Hochberg and Rachel Hamar and glad I chose them to be my attorneys—these two lawyers took my workers’ compensation and personal injury cases and litigated them with skill and dedication, all the way through arbitration in my personal injury case. My attorneys were not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the insurance company and fought hard to protect my rights. My cases were complicated and difficult, but Bill and Rachel worked hard to get me an excellent result—I highly recommend them!” -Challice

Client Testimonial From An Injured Driver

“I was injured in an on-the-job car crash, and I hired Bill Hochberg to represent me. With more than thirty years of experience, he knew exactly what he was doing. He got my workers’ compensation claim allowed by the Department of Labor & Industries, and then resolved my personal injury claim for every dime I was owed. I am incredibly pleased with the result, and I would hire him again if I ever needed help!” -Vera

Client Testimonial Regarding Dental Bills

“I had a dental injury at work. I wasn’t even sure if this qualified as a workers’ comp claim. I called Hochberg & Hamar with questions and they were amazing from the beginning. They filed my claim, got it allowed and all of my dental bills were paid for under the claim! They are great attorneys, have a wonderful staff and took care of everything for me professionally and promptly. I highly recommended them!” -Lynn

Former Seahawk Wins Appeal

“After years of playing in the NFL, I was left with debilitating pain and memory problems. I faced opposition to my workers’ compensation claim at every step of the process, but Team Hochberg has been by my side through it all, helping me fight for compensation for the damage that football did to my mind and body.”

“Bill, Lillian, and the entire team employ their knowledge and attention to detail to give you faith and hope in protecting your rights. Their communication and commitment to the case and my family have given me comfort in what would be a stressful situation for anyone. No one ever plans to be in this situation, but know Bill Hochberg and his staff are there when it happens”!

– Jerry Wunsch, former Seattle Seahawk

Client Testimonial From An Injured Delivery Driver

“I spent a lifetime in labor-intensive jobs and worked for a major delivery company for the last 25 years. Just five years from my planned retirement, I injured my neck and shoulder after my employer forced me to work alone in a position now filled by two workers. Surgery to repair my injuries left me with debilitating pain and severe limitations in my arm.”

“As a result, I could no longer work or enjoy the retirement activities I had spent my entire adult life planning for. Mr. Hochberg and his team made sure I got the additional treatment I needed, including mental health services, along with a full pension! After some negotiation, Mr. Hochberg was even able to convince my employer to pay my litigation costs, which he told me employers are almost never willing to do.”

“Eliminating the stress of fighting for the benefits I was entitled to has been a huge relief and a big help to my recovery.” – M.S.

Client Testimonial From An Injured Longshoreman

“As a longshoreman, I was injured when the locking pin on my truck chassis failed, throwing my cab in the air and collapsing my lower back. This type of accident is frequently fatal, but as I expected my claim was immediately denied.”

“We all know you need an attorney immediately with this type of injury, so I contacted Bill. I feared we were facing an uphill battle fighting against the world’s largest container ship operator. I worried an attorney would look at my case and immediately give up, but throughout the process Bill was positive and reassuring. He didn’t just win a little, he won on all points of my case, and earned me a significant cash settlement as well as coverage for medical care I will need for the rest of my life.”

“When my employer started harassing me at home – setting up cameras pointing in my bedroom window in an attempt to disprove my injury – Bill immediately demanded they cease and desist or face an injunction, and I got my privacy back.”

“Immediately prior to the final judgment in my case, the attorneys for my employer followed Bill and me to lunch to propose a lowball settlement offer. Bill simply smiled and told me, ‘No matter what, we’ll get more than that.’ He is the best attorney I have ever dealt with, and years later I still recommend him to anyone I meet who faces a disability claim.” – GM

Testimonial From A Client With A Large Award

“Dear Bill and Crew, I want to express my great appreciation for your fantastic support through this LNI conflict with my former employer. You were always encouraging and positive when discussing the parameters of my case. Your knowledge and professionalism are amazing, and I feel very fortunate to have you as my representative. Thank you very much for all the hard work and diligence you put forward on my behalf.”

“I pursued this only because I truly believed my employer was wrong in their appeal, and I only wanted my surgical bills covered. I didn’t expect a large settlement and to be perfectly honest I was completely and more than pleasantly surprised by the settlement size.”

“Again, I thank you for your professionalism and all the hard work you have done for me.” – BR

Six-Figure Settlement For Metro Driver

Team Hochberg took on the case of a bus driver who developed lumbar and cervical impairment due to the hours spent on the job. Things got so bad he had trouble driving his own personal vehicle, too.

When Metro refused to pay for his medical treatment and loss of earning power, we took on his workers’ compensation case. After 18 months of fighting, we got him his loss of earning power and permanent partial disability worth over $115,000.

“When my employer started harassing me at home – setting up cameras pointing in my bedroom window in an attempt to disprove my injury – Bill immediately demanded they cease and desist or face an injunction, and I got my privacy back.”

“Immediately prior to the final judgment in my case, the attorneys for my employer followed Bill and me to lunch to propose a lowball settlement offer. Bill simply smiled and told me, ‘No matter what, we’ll get more than that.’ He is the best attorney I have ever dealt with, and years later I still recommend him to anyone I meet who faces a disability claim.” – GM

Pension For An Injured Seattle Seahawk

When Joe Tofflemire’s NFL career ended prematurely due to injuries, he discovered his significant physical limitations and chronic pain left him totally and permanently unable to work.

Our team not only helped Joe secure a lifetime pension from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, but we also ensured that his medical treatments and prescriptions were paid and that his pension benefits were correctly calculated.

Surgery For A Marine Diesel Mechanic

Scott Abbott was working as a marine diesel mechanic when he lifted a 100-pound piece of equipment and injured his back. While in recovery, he returned to work, slipped on ice, and fell. The second injury aggravated the first and Scott’s doctors told him he could no longer do the job he loved.

Following his job change, surgery, and therapy, the marine company’s insurance refused to pay and he came to us for help.

We negotiated with the insurance company and reached a settlement that provided Scott with a monthly annuity as well as a lump sum to pay off his debts and his medical bills.

Changing Hearing Loss Laws To Favor Workers

Throughout his long career at Buse Timber & Sales, Donald Harry was continually exposed to loud noises from heavy machinery. In 1974, during a routine workplace hearing test, hearing loss was detected in Don’s left ear, but the company did not tell him about it.

After Don retired in 2001, a doctor told him he was suffering from a 38.13% hearing loss in both ears due to his noise exposure. After we represented Don in his initial claim, the timber company wanted to limit Don’s award based on what he would have received in 1974.

Through an appeals process that went all the way to the Washington Supreme Court, we convinced the judges that Don should be paid based on the benefits schedule available in 2001. Don received an extra $21,000 in benefits and helped change Washington law so workers cannot be punished when their employers hide their occupational diseases from them.

Officer Injured In The Line Of Duty

King County Sheriff David E’s patrol car was hit by a drug-impaired driver and David suffered significant injuries to his knee and neck. The defendant’s insurance company refused to pay an appropriate award. Our team settled David’s case for a substantial six figure sum to compensate David and his family for medical expenses, lost income, pain, suffering, future wage loss and his family’s loss of a loving father while he was recovering from the crash. Even with the insurance settlement, David was still eligible and received additional workers’ compensation benefits. Our experience in workers’ compensation and personal injury meant that David and his family received just compensation and peace of mind knowing he had a skilled legal team on his side.